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These 4 Women Are NASA’s Stars

Pictured from left to right, Shannon W. Lucid, Margaret Rhea Seddon, Kathryn D. Sullivan, Judith A. Resnik, Anna L. Fisher, and Sally K. Ride would be the first women to enroll in a training program for space travel.

NASA's newest class of astronauts has 4 women

Fast-forward 38 years, and we are looking at NASA’s newest class of astronauts.

Four of these astronauts — an astounding 50 percent of the class — are women.

For more than two years, they have been gearing up for the most ambitious (and daunting) mission known to man yet: traveling to Mars.

NASA's newest class of astronauts has 4 women

While the mission won’t take place for at least another 15 years, women are, for the first time in NASA’s history, taking on a heavy role in building, testing, designing, and controlling pieces of equipment, rockets, space suits, and remote rovers.

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