Nine Things You Shouldn’t Do to a Car With an Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions are a blessing, especially for beginners. Easy, fast, no nerves! But still, many drivers are found guilty of using them incorrectly. As easy as it may seem, some bad habits could ruin the automatic transmission. And once it gets damaged, you’ll find yourself having to replace parts to repair it.

We care about your well-being, and have compiled some driving tips that will help keep your automatic transmission in good condition.

1. Don’t leave it in “drive” if you’re just sitting in the car for a long time.

9 Things You Shouldn’t Do to a Car With an Automatic Transmission

Leaving your car in “drive” when you’re just sitting in the car for a very long time can seriously destroy your automatic transmission because of overheating. In this case, it’s better to just shut the car off or at least put it into “park.”

2. Don’t forget about the parking brake.

9 Things You Shouldn’t Do to a Car With an Automatic Transmission

Be nice to your car and it will respond to you with love! Forgetting about the parking brake counts as mistreating your vehicle. It is a good idea for every beginning driver to keep in mind that even the lightest of bumper taps can damage the parking pawl if the parking brake is not engaged!

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